A long time ago, children got into trouble for chewing gum or skipping down the hallway—but not now.  Today it is much more serious -- drugs, murder, sexual assault and other serious violent felonies.  Today children are reaching out—no, screaming out for help.  Released Time education pays off in that students have more self respect, better behavior at school and at home,  and improved academic performance.

David Beasley, Former Governor of South Carolina

About Released Time Education

icon-12School Ministries, Inc., (SMI) was created in 1990 to assist local communities in the creation of Released Time  programs and to provide support for existing ones. Although initially envisioned to have a South Carolina focus, SMI soon was undertaking a national role in responding to interests from across the country, addressing legal challenges, raising national visibility and addressing research needs. School Ministries currently has efforts underway in South Carolina, Alabama, California, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Since 2003, SMI has experienced an 12% annual growth rate in the number of students it serves.

But School Ministries is at a critical juncture. This unique opportunity to engage children in Bible study and prayer during school hours is just too important to the salvation of young people's lives for it not to be systematically promoted and advanced throughout all 50 states. As a result, there must be a truly national organization that supports state level networks rather than individual local programs. SMI is uniquely qualified to fill this role, because of its success in starting new programs and supporting existing ones.

School Ministries is headquartered in Columbia, SC.