Released Time Bible Education as Part of Public Schools’ COVID-19 Recovery Plan

There’s no quick fix to all the damage COVID-19 has done to our public school students.
Schools are hard pressed to do even more than ever before.

As you will see in the document provided below, School Ministries offers schools an opportunity to help students overcome COVID-19 losses by offering Released Time Bible Education. RTBE can help with a number of factors schools are facing, including:

• Lost instructional time
• Behavioral issues
• Social and emotional mental health issues

Concerned teachers, administrators, parents and families, and people in the community of faith are committed to helping every student find a way forward. Our mutual mission is to help students overcome COVID-19 losses by helping restore them to academic success and health of mind, body, and spirit.

By law, public schools cannot help students spiritually. However, Released Time Bible Education (also called “Released Time” and “Released Time Religious Education”) can, and its proven benefits include academic improvement, better behavior, character development, and diversity of thought and belief.

Public schools and communities working together strengthens schools and students, through Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) which:

• Is historical, constitutional, and provides for diversity of beliefs.
• Is a voluntary academic and devotional study of one’s faith during the school day, off school grounds, and with parental permission.
• Promotes equity for all students.
• Reduces enrollment losses (attrition) of students whose parents want them to have a public school education enhanced by instruction in religion and morality.

As little as 3% (a 45-minute lesson) of a student’s weekly instructional time can pay huge dividends in a child’s academic performance, positive behaviors, and improvements in mental health.

CONCLUSION: Released Time Bible Education can be a critical part of the recovery plan for public schools to help students overcome COVID-19 deficits.


Released Time is needed more now than ever before.

pdfReleased Time Bible Education as Part of Public Schools' COVID-19 Recovery Plan

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