Released Time Bible Education: Off school premises, in real time.

“This Article will illustrate how current Establishment Clause jurisprudence, which seeks to micro-manage the interaction of public schools and religion, prevents the educational establishment from coming to grips with American society's religious character and fosters disrespect by denying the law's dependence on religion as a justification for its authority. Indeed, the religious foundation of the doctrine of church-state institutional separation and the support the religious community has given that doctrine are generally ignored. Recognition of the historical dependence of law on religion should preclude a jurisprudence that permits government to monopolize education (an essentially parental function which traditionally includes a strong religious component), expels the religious component from education under the guise of fulfilling a Constitutional mandate designed to protect religion, and then claims that the public school is the chief means of fulfilling the nation's destiny. This Article will suggest that permitting voluntary, parentally controlled religious instruction, as was the case for fifty years preceding McCollum, offers the promise of releasing the religious expression inherently present in the educational process, thus giving full respect to the dignity and diversity of the cultural and religious heritages present in American culture.”

Cometh the Revolution: The Case for Overruling McCollum v. Board of Education (