Released Time Bible Education: Off school premises, in real time.

This Law Review article was published in the same year that the Supreme Court decided Zorach v. Clauson.  The author provides a brief description of the case as well as provides proposed questions regarding the constitutional limitations of Released Time Programs.

Wilber G. Katz, Freedom of religion and state neutrality, 20 U. Chi. L. Rev. 426 (1952).

This Law Review article discusses the implication of “separation of church and state” regarding Released Time Bible Education Programs.  The article acknowledges that a “strict separation would be seriously limit the religious freedom of the citizens concerned.” The author further states, “it is impossible both to protect religious freedom and to keep the state completely insulated from religion.”  In public schools, maintaining the balance of “keeping the schools secular and yet avoiding inculcation of secularism” is not easy. However, so long as governments do not provide aid to Released Time programs, there is no violation of neutrality.  

"Constitutional Law - Separation of Church and State - Released Time Pr" by Michael R. McIntee (